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Doorstep Recycling and Trash Removal

(Valet Trash Service)


Benefits of Valet Trash Service

  • Offer the most sought after amenity in multifamily living 

  • Stay competitive with surrounding communities, or gain a competitive edge over them

  • Ancillary income 

  • A cleaner and safer environment for residents

  • Free up your maintenance team by not having to worry about loose trash around the community and dumpster areas.


How it works...

  • We supply a trash can for each apartment 

  • Residents put their trash cans outside their door between 6pm and 8pm Sunday through Thursday nights

  • At 8:00pm, a uniformed member of our team takes all  trash and recycling to the dumpster/compactor 

  • Our team will make sure all common areas are clean of trash

  • Residents bring their trash cans in by 9am the following day, leaving your community clean and free of trash throughout the day!

Why use American Waste Services?

  • Guaranteed pick up - We have never missed a day of trash collection

  • Phase in your first year of service - That means no startup costs or budgeting concerns!

  • Doorstep recycling service included  

  • Breezeways, walkways, and dumpster areas cleared of loose trash each night

Large Item/Junk Removal


Contact us to see if our large item/junk removal service is available at your community - (919) 473-6297

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